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There are so many aspects to good plumbing and the effective distribution of water in and out of your property.

The fun starts when you have a dream to start customising & adding value to your property, from just adding a new shower head to completely renovating a bathroom or kitchen!

The ‘everyday’ services which we offer our clients

Solar Geysers

Whether you have a burst geyser which needs replacing or you require a new solution in your home, we can advise you on solutions to meet your families water needs. We also service solar geysers.

Electric Geysers

We inspect and then issue geyser reports for insurance and install new geysers in accordance with SANS 10254.

Geyser Servicing

Sometimes your geyser just stops working. Whether it’s an electrical issue, or a burnt-out element, thermostat, or vacuum breakers that need replacing, we can assist in getting your geyser operating again. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are used in conjunction with geysers to supply instant hot water to your household. The benefit is that they are more energy efficient than an electric geyser. Depending on a household’s demand for hot water, we can advise you on the best solution.


Water Back-up Solutions

When municipal water is low or not available during repairs and maintenance, having a water back-up solution is more than just a convenience, it’s essential to being able to have water for a hot cup of coffee, have a shower or use your toilets.

Drain and Sewer Unblocking

Drain & Sewer Unblocking

Unblocking of kitchen sinks, shower, bath, and basin drains, as well as the unblocking of main sewer lines.

Installing new pipework for new constructions (in walls and in roofs)

On building sites, we will install new pipework in walls, roofs, and floors in alignment with your building plans. All work is done in accordance with SANS regulation, building codes, and water bylaws.


Installing of underground pipework (water distribution and waste water disposal)

We install all underground pipework necessary to support water distribution through your new construction and in accordance with SANS Regulation, building codes, and water bylaws.

Drain and Sewer Unblocking

Drain & Sewer Unblocking

Unblocking of kitchen sinks, shower, bath, and basin drains, as well as the unblocking of main sewer lines.

Removing or capping old or damaged pipework on existing renovation

If you are breaking down walls and completely changing the layout of bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms, we will remove old pipework and replace it with copper pipework to prevent leaks under newly renovated tiling.


Installing of new Kitchen Fixtures and Bathroom Sanitaryware

We will carefully install all-new fixtures, fittings, and sanitaryware.

Drain and Sewer Unblocking

Connecting of washing machines and dishwashers

Need a new water point for a washing machine or dishwasher? Let us help with the installation and connection to a new water point and outlet pipe.

Fixing leaking or burst pipes

Burst pipes can occur when pipes are corroded or old, or incorrect pipework has been previously installed. It could also be from fluctuating municipal water pressure supply.


Fixing dripping taps or ‘running’ toilet cisterns

Between dripping taps and toilet cisterns that don’t stop running after flushing, you are likely losing a lot of water. We will come and replace the washers, tighten fittings and replace filling and flushing valves if required.

Drain and Sewer Unblocking

Replacing of old, worn or damaged fittings

Replacement of fittings such as valves or washers etc

Our Most Popular Services

These are some of the most popular enquiries that we get from our clients…

What our clients are saying…

“It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Terry Smith as an expert in his field and truly a professional businessman. I worked with Terry on a few occasions, and he never once disappointed me. His professionalism and knowledge about his products and services are outstanding. His ability to solve plumbing problems is incredible. His level of creativity and positive energy when working with people is quite rare among business owners. Every client I referred to Terry, was blown away by his quality of service and vast knowledge about Plumbing. His work in the Plumbing industry is unmatched. Terry’s wide range of intellect and passion for what he does is truly inspiring. He is a true leader in his industry and always seems to be innovative. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Terry from Legacy Plumbing Services. He is a humble, passionate, and thought-provoking expert, and I trust he will go far in making our world a better place.”  Bertus de Wet – Refocus Coach

“I have now been dealing with Legacy for the past 6 years and the experience and professionalism that he and his team bring to the party is amazing. The mark of a brilliant plumber is when you can deal with multiple and many technical challenges on alterations jobs and have very few issues. Terry is also very hands-on and will always assist the client with plumbing information and the best solution for the job, with the best products on the market that will last, and not some cheap rubbish that will only last for a short period of time. Thus being said you can see his reputation is built on longevity on his company name, products sold and workmanship done. He is honest and reliable and does what he says he will do when he says he will do it. This is a key component of any company that you want to work with, as you know he won’t take you for a ride and you get what you paid for”.  Anthony Van Gool – Black Dot Construction

“Thank you to you and the Legacy Plumbing team! Terry, you were quick to respond to our plumbing issue and were able to resolve our problem. I have already recommended your company to one of my friends.  Thanks again.”  Robert Young

“I have made use of the plumbing and related services of Legacy Plumbing for the past 6 years. Terry Smith and his team have provided us with superb service, both as far as the turnaround time and quality are concerned…..highly recommended.”  Vanessa de Villiers

“Legacy Plumbing has done a variety of work for me. This has ranged from small jobs such as changing a geyser element to large jobs such as replumbing an entire house including the piping in the walls and replacing an entire main sewer line for a house. I have always found them to be responsive to my needs, polite, efficient, and neat in their workmanship.”  Colin Jansen van Rensburg

Renovations or

New Constructions

There is nothing more exciting than installing new basins & taps, baths, showers and shower heads, to feel rejuvenated and just as though you have moved into a new home. Whether you are making cosmetic changes, or completely renovating your home, or even building a new bathroom or kitchen, we are here to help.

Call us to visit the site and look at your plans. We will then provide a detailed quote and take you though each step of the process.