We have one mission

Plumbing is more than blocked drains and leaking toilets.  It’s about distributing water into and out of your property, ensuring cost-effective heating of the water to your taps, and ensuring that you have a balanced water supply to your home.

Water is an increasingly important commodity shaping the daily quality of our lives.

What we do…

We aim to bring peace of mind to our clients for all their plumbing requirements.

This is achieved by building long-term relationships with our clients – giving them trustworthy advice, an efficient service, and superior quality workmanship.



Repairs, replacements, and maintenance of all bathroom and kitchen fixtures.



Available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies, such as burst pipes or geysers.


Installing of new underground pipework, new water points, and fittings in newly constructed homes.


Regular checks of a home’s plumbing system in order to reduce the risk of breakages, high water costs, or inefficient water distribution.


Moving of pipes and fixtures for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room renovations.

Eco Friendly

We help identify more environmentally friendly solutions to meet the water requirements in your home.

Dedicated Plumbers

We have a dedicated team of people to make sure that work is done as quickly and efficiently on your property. For your peace of mind, the plumbers arriving will come in branded clothing and a branded vehicle.


Branded Vehicles

In order for you to easily recognize our staff, they wear blue overalls with branded golf shirts and branded caps. Our colours are blue, red, green and orange.

We will always arrive in a ‘Legacy Plumbing Services’ branded vehicle.

Covid Protocols

The health and safety of both our staff and our clients are of utmost importance. Our staff follows ‘safe work procedures’ which include the wearing of masks, gloves, and regular sanitizing of tools, equipment, and work-spaces. Please maintain a safe social distance during the work being carried out on your premises. Thank you for your support in this!

Public Liability

Our company is covered by public liability insurance.


How we like to work

Professional Advice

We provide our clients with professional and trustworthy advice for all their plumbing requirements.

Quality Service

We provide top-quality service and workmanship, in accordance with the PIRB codes of conduct, bylaws and legislation.

Relationship Building

We aim to build trust with our clients, with a view to a long-term professional relationship.